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OWD training:

We can provide you with an elaborately documented training programme without time pressure, which is recognised worldwide. You will meet new awesome people to share your hobby with. Our competent Dive Professionals are available at all times. You will be provided with equipment in your size on-site, in order to help you make your first steps. After successfully completing your OWD training, you can continue with various Specialties as well as become a member of the dive4life Club and enjoy many perks.

Scuba Skill Update

You already have some experience in diving and are being pulled back into the water?

Our centre in Siegburg near Cologne/Bonn offers a breathtaking underwater world and beautiful diving adventures.

Have you forgotten how to assemble the equipment? It’s been ages since buoyancy control was an issue? And you would feel happier, if you can practice how to effectively blow any water out of the mask?

Then visit us for the perfect preparation in the form of a holiday preparation course / refreshment course.


We have 20 Specialties for you to immerse into. Experienced Dive Professionals from our club will accompany you during your individual development and thereby contribute to your personal progress. The completion of each of the Specialties is rewarded with a diving certification, which is recognised worldwide.


You also want to become a Dive Professional?

We have more than 15 years of experience in training Dive Professionals. Experienced trainers assist you in developing your individual training programme. You will be involved in the daily training routine and receive regular constructive feedback sessions to support your training progress.