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Scuba Skill Update

Our course for holiday preparation and for refreshing your skills

You already have some experience in diving and are being pulled back into the water?

Our centre offers a breathtaking underwater world and beautiful diving adventures.

Have you forgotten how to assemble the equipment? It’s been ages since buoyancy control was an issue? And you would feel happier, if you can practice how to effectively blow any water out of the mask?

Then visit us for the perfect preparation in the form of a holiday preparation course / refreshment course.

The course consists of:

  • Assembling and disassembling your diving equipment

  • Confidently controlling ascent and descent through pressure equalisation

  • Putting your mask on and taking it off easily, even in fresh water

  • Practising buoyancy control, so you can dive up close to reefs without damaging the underwater world

  • Putting your diving jacket and lead belt on and taking them off on the water surface. This is particularly important for boat diving, because you can then pass your diving jacket and lead belt up to the boat personnel, which makes it easier to climb aboard.

  • Big step from the side into the diving pool. If you completed your course at a beach and would now like to switch to boat diving, we can show you how to safely enter the water.

And feel free to ask your Dive Professional to additionally practice certain skills.

Please note that all courses, except for VIP courses, are held in groups. Group courses are always subject to a minimum number of participants. In cases where this number is not reached, we will reschedule the course.

Course fee: Only €93 (including admission fee and confirmation in your log book, excluding equipment)