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Scooter diving

Unknown expanses await us underwater. Unfortunately, a lack of air and speed underwater means that we can’t discover everything at once.

We might be very familiar with areas we regularly dive in. Well, at least the areas we can reach with our normal equipment.

But what about those areas out of our reach?

What about discovering the unknown far away?

We can offer this opportunity.

We teach scooter diving and also rent out scooters, so you can explore far and wide.

The ECOS S Scooter by Bonex is used for training and is available for rental.

Course length: 2 days, approx. 12 hours
– 4 diving sessions with at least 160 minutes time spent in the water
– Diving certification in acc. with IAC
– Group sizes: 1-2 persons

Course fee: from €435 per person (incl. certification, incl. rental scooter during the course, without additional rental equipment, excl. €15 lake fees)

  • Dimensions: dia. 218/300 mm L 600 mm

  • Weight: 15 kg

  • Operating depth: 200 m

  • Runs at full speed up to: 90 min

  • Runs at cruising speed up to: 200 min

  • Range: 8 km

  • Speed: 70 m/min

  • Speed control: Continuously adjustable

  • Drive: Servo

  • Battery: Li Ions

  • Tube material: Carbon

  • Charging time: 5 hours