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House rules

Fun and safety come first with us

To guarantee a relaxed stay we ask you to take note of the following points:

Dive4Life Tauchcenter Tauchturm
  • Please hold a valid medical certificate with you, which is also in your own self-interest.

  • In exceptionally cases we accept a filled-out statement of medical condition for diving activities.

  • A complete functional (serviced, clean) diving equipment inclusive own dive computer is required from all divers.

  • To guarantee a great dive we ask you to bring a clean diving equipment. Please show your own diving equipment at “check-in”.

  • Scuba and apnoea divers get colourful wristbands, which must be worn during the whole visit of the diving center. This helps our staff and other guests to recognize who is lying immobile at the surface on purpose (apnoea training). They also can see who has the certification to dive in the large and deep diving pool. We are looking forward to guests without wristbands who we ask to stay off the diving pool. Non-divers and non-apnoea divers are of course welcome in all other premises.

  • We ask every diver while having a cosy break “onshore” to put their diving equipment in their big boxes which should be stored under the benches.

  • Please mount your instruments shortly before diving. Otherwise our staff has to remove the scuba tanks.

  • The recommended depth limit for every level of training must always be adhered.

  • Qualified divers only are allowed to dive in the cenotes. Dive students must be accompanied by a dive instructor.

  • Constant up and down diving as well as the carrying of knifes and tools is forbidden.

  • It is not allowed to bring glass bottles, drinking glasses or porcelain.

  • You must wear bathing shoes in the facility, especially on the way to the indoor swimming-pool and in the wellness area.

  • The standards of the diving associations forbid diving without any partner.

  • The instructions of the dive4life staff must be followed. For questions and suggestions we are always happy to help.

  • Attention, scuba and free divers only are allowed to use the diving pool without any dive instructor.