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Diving with full face mask

Natural breathing, no foggy mask, no water entering into the mask and a wide field of vision. Those are the advantages of diving with a full face mask. The full face mask covers the entire face and thus also mouth and nose. This allows normal breathing. The inhaled air is guided via the so-called visor and thereby prevents the mask from becoming foggy. Anti-fogging agents or spitting into the mask are a thing of the past.

It’s almost impossible for water to enter the mask. Even attempting to do so on purpose is quite difficult. And if water does enter, you can simply blow the water out of the mask via the breathing control.

And last but not least: The specially formed visor gives you a very wide field of vision. No fish will be able to hide from you.

Are you sceptical or want to try it out? How about a taster diving session with a full face mask. You will be impressed!

Taster diving:

2 persons: from €51 (plus rental equipment)

1 person: from €115 (plus rental equipment)

Course fee:

2 persons: from €130 incl. certification and admission fee (plus rental equipment)

1 person: from €295 incl. certification and admission fee (plus rental equipment)

Rental fee:

Full Face Mask made by Ocean Reef: €20

Full set of “standard” equipment: €25

Have you already achieved the Specialty Full Face Mask Diving? Then you can rent one of our masks by showing us the diving certificate.