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Enriched Air Nitrox (non-diving course)

“Nitrox” is the name of a breathing air mixture with an oxygen amount higher than the typical 21 percent . Longer dives are then possible compared to using “normal” breathing air. And you don’t want to leave the party when manta rays are gliding above you or curious dolphins are coming over to play. Nitrox can be used for dives up to a depth of 40 metres. But you need precise tables and calculations, in order to find out how long you can stay underwater with the respective gas mixture!

Have you ever felt really exhausted in the evening after one or two dives? This is where another advantage of diving with Nitrox becomes apparent: The increased oxygen percentage in the breathing air also means that you can jump back out of the water after the dive and not feel as exhausted. The oxygen increase depends on various factors and is important for you to know. This is why special training is necessary!

Many dive bases across the globe already offer “Nitrox for free!” Nevertheless, the organisers want to see proof that you are capable of diving with Nitrox. Seize the opportunity and learn the basics of Nitrox diving in Germany, so you can jump in at the deep end during your next holiday.

Course fee: from €120