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Digital underwater photography

Divers may be able to take great pictures of nature and everyday life.

But what about underwater?

Everything is different there and the eagerly awaited holiday snaps turn out to be boring images. It should really be so simple and also great fun boasting about your latest adventures deep down in the sea. Especially, when you see the awe in friends’ faces, who didn’t come along.

You can impress them with that stonefish you found or the grey shark swimming along the reef edge. Or with dolphins appearing at the water surface…

Many digital cameras can be equipped with casings specifically developed for underwater shots, which combine the advantages of photography on land and in the sea: Pictures can be taken in high numbers and at low cost, with the digital features allowing you to immediately organise the pictures and get rid of unwanted ones. This course teaches you a few tips and tricks on taking great pictures.

Course fee: from €120